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What to do in a Dental Emergency if Your Tooth is Knocked Out

What To Do In A Dental Emergency If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out

Remain calm and act quickly

Don’t hold the tooth by the root.

If dirty, rinse with some milk or saliva.  If you must rinse in water, only do so for a few seconds. 

Don’t scrub or rub the root surface.

Insert the tooth back into its previous position in the mouth, making sure it is the right way around and in the right place by comparing with the adjacent teeth.  If you can not put it back into place, do not force it.

Don’t let the tooth dry out:  keep the tooth moist in a small container of milk or saliva.  DO NOT STORE THE TOOTH IN WATER and DO NOT WRAP IT IN TISSUE OR CLOTH.

Seek emergency dental treatment immediately.